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Is this an immature Tree Swallow or a Bank Swallow?

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Seen last week at DeSoto NWR near Missouri Valley, IA.  It was flying with Tree Swallows and Cliff Swallows.  Another "brown" Swallow I posted here for ID last week was a female Tree Swallow although I thought it was a Rough-winged Swallow.  I have a lot of difficulty with the brown ones.



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Thanks @smittyone@cox.net, you have reassured me for a recent Bank ID of mine. It was in flight from above so no visible breast band although the pale forehead, white collar and paler back were fairly clear but I was concerned that the tail was too square (Bank is supposed to have more of a notch/vee than say a Tree) but your bird matches mine - I guess when the tail is spread all bets are off.

Agree with the comments about your photos, very nice - these birds are a challenge and I seem to have more difficulty with the "brown ones" than the "blue ones" which is possibly due to less contrast for focus. Actually, thinking back, in my case I was at a river setting and the birds were staying low so probably the brown was not standing out from the background enough.

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