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Sparrow, finch, warbler or something else entirely?

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The grosbeak was close. The immature male had a bit of red on his belly, which looked a bit orangeish, and the female was more yellow orange, but she did not have orange on her tail. This is the Slate Fox Sparrow, and the site says they don't get up to NY. I don't know, because birds can fly, but I'm just going to stick to the Red version for now, because if they say they don't get up here, they probably won't. 


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30 minutes ago, The orange bird said:

This is another Red one. It is closer than the Slate one to what I saw, it is a bit more orange.


That's a Red Fox Sparrow and it's in your range. I'm guessing in NY it's getting a little late, but from when I live in New Jersey, I remember the were pretty common in the winter. If that seems very close to what you were seeing, I would go with it. 

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Ok, I had never seen one and I was hoping to see one a few years ago. The only sparrows I've seen are House Sparrow, which is an Old World Sparrow, my bird book says it is related to the Snowfinches on the other side of the world, and the Song Sparrow, which is an actual sparrow from here. So far, this is the closest I've gotten to the bird, so I guess it is a Red Fox Sparrow! If anything comes closer, that is what it would probably be. Thank you guys for helping me find what it most likely is!

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