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More Bird Songs-Calgary Alberta

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Hi again,

I have some more bird sounds that I trying to confirm. There are 3 separate ones and so far I am thinking one is a white-throated sparrow, and another is maybe a Yellow warbler?

I am awful at bird songs. Sorry for the volume being so low, not sure why it changes it from my phone to when I upload. All were heard today in Calgary, Alberta in a Ravine. 


Heres a link as I don't think the videos are working(?): https://www.flickr.com/photos/188299159@N02/albums/72157714379196056/with/49915918728/

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5 hours ago, Benjamin said:

The last one sounds like a House Wren. It's a bit difficult to tell as there's a lot of compression on the audio though.

I hear House Wren, too, but it's in the second embedded recording in the post.  Is it in a different order on Flickr?

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