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Shot this eagle today at Evergreen Lake in Evergreen, Colorado.  This year, I have been shooting eagles up here since the lake's surface ice melted.
I've seen two mature bald eagles up here so far this year. Normally, they have a distinctive white head, and a dark brown body.

And then today, I saw this bird.

We've had osprey, red tailed hawks, and mature bald eagles,  but I've not seen one with this coloration before.


I'm assuming that it's an immature bald eagle, as I've never seen one with this coloration before?

The mature bald eagles I've seen normally have bright white heads.

Any help identifying is greatly appreciated.

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Posted (edited)

Correct. This appears to be a 4th-year Bald Eagle, because that's the age in which the while head begins to come in strongly.

Bald Eagles start off very dark overall, and gradually mature into adult plumage. It takes five whole years before they molt into that iconic clean black and white plumage that we all know.

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With that much purple in its beak I would say this is a third year bird goin into its 4th year molt, 4th years usually have a clean yellow beak. But either way,its an immature Bald Eagle

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