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Need ID help with poor cell phone photo of an unknown bird

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Photo taken today 5/28/2020 in the central Texas Panhandle.  I spotted this bird while walking and did not have my good camera but did have my cell phone.  The bird was a bit larger than a House Finch.  Long narrow bill like a Warbler, yellowish throat and breast.  Breast  had brown mottling or spots.  Belly was also yellowish.  Back was brown but what stood out was the black lateral throat-stripes.  Most of these details cannot be seen in the attached photos. 


Unknown Bird (2 of 2)



Unknown Bird (1 of 2)


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Melierax, I think you are correct.  I mentioned that to my wife during our walk but talked myself out of it.  Photos of Swainson's in my Sibley's book looks really close to what I saw.


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