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Wyoming Sandpipers

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We had a great day out in eastern Wyoming yesterday, finding Field Sparrows, Great-tailed Grackles and White-rumped Sandpipers, thanks to following some tips from other great birders around here. The White-rumped Sandpipers were a big flock (for Wyoming) of about 60 birds at Robber's Roost Reservoir south of Newcastle, WY, at the edge of Thunder Basin NG, close to the SD border.

Mixed in were several others, IDd in the field as Stilt Sandpiper and Semipalmated Sandpiper. I think as individuals I can sort of figure them out, but once I get a mix my brain shuts down and yells at me, "Well really, they all do look pretty much alike after all!" In some cases I caught a bird that wasn't the focus of the photo/look and it's thrown me off. I'm going to make an attempt to ID these, but I'd like confirmation, and if I'm 100% wrong, I'll be cleaning the house today instead of birding...

In advance, I realize these aren't all the best shots, and there are several. I know some may not be identified. I DEFINITELY appreciate any help at all.

Checklist is here: https://ebird.org/checklist/S69858866

1) Foreground: White-rumped Background: Stilt (though I'm getting a Pectoral vibe - on this and a couple other photos)


2) White-rumped



3) White-rumped at 12:00, 3:00 and 9:00. Semipalmated in the middle left, White-rumped middle right.



4. Semipalmated (though Western occurred to me too, I think the bill is more Semipalmated)



Foreground: White-rumped, Background: Stilt/Pectoral


5b. Same bird from the back solo without the size comparison



6. Two White-rumped, though the one in the background gave me pause.



7a. Finally, my first and worst shot (as I sat down and luckily avoided cactus in three directions, but it was a sticky position), but several birds, one of which caught my interest. Going around the clock, and I realize these may not be identifiable.

12:00: I don't know what the big white bird is and cut off its head, alas and oh well.

1:00: Phalaropes

Four birds middle and foreground: White-rumped Sandpipers

Two birds middle: ?

9:00: ?

Bird to the lower left of the big white bird is what really piqued my interest, thinking Stilt or Pectoral. Close up below.





Happy Sunday, better start cleaning the house now....thank you!

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Here’s my go at it:

1.  I think both of these are White-rumped

2. White-rumped

3. White-rumped except for middle left, which is a Semipalmated 

4. Semipalmated

5a. Semipalmated in foreground, White-rumped in back

5b. White-rumped

6. White-rumped

7. White-rumped, Semipalmated, and phalaropes in the back. The bird you are referring to as Stilt/Pectoral looks like another White-rumped. 

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2 hours ago, AlexHenry said:

Wow that’s a lot to digest


LOL That's usually how I feel when I find a mess of peeps. I know it was a lot to throw out at once, but since it was all the same time, place and group of birds, it just made sense. I super appreciate both of you taking the time to walk me through them. I didn't do as bad as I thought! Now that the house is clean, maybe I will go birding after all!

Thank you!

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