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I listened to this bird for a while before I could get even these horrendous shots.  He was way up and way back in the woods in Laurel, MD.  My first guess is a Cedar Waxwing but the song was not right.  Of course there could have been two different birds in the area.  I would love some help with an ID if only to satisfy my curiosity.  Thanks.


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From the first picture I would say this looks fine for a Cedar Waxwing. Using the flower it is gripping as a scale confirms that the bird would be the correct correct size. A black mask is also visible, and although the tip of the tail is mostly obscured, some of the yellow is still visible. There also appears to be a white lining around the black mask which points to Cedar Waxwing as well. The second picture is very confusing to me though. Wait for further confirmation.

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3 hours ago, urban snipe said:

What did the bird sound like?

Closest I would say would be a Redstart but with different pitch - lower.  I think i was right in my first guess that there were two birds in the same area and I took a picture of the mute bird.

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