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Hello, I don't have a picture but I am wondering about an observation made today just north of Toronto, ON. In small mixed group of warblers I saw one in the canopy about 20 ft off the ground. I saw a white underside with black on the corners of the tail and some bluish/black streaks on the sides. My first thought was Cerulean but that would be quite rare. I thought maybe black-throated blue, but pretty sure I eliminated that. I cannot think of what else it could be and I am wondering if you can think of any other possibilities based on that description. Thank you.

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There are a number that would be very similar. The Warbler Guide is a great resource for viewing these birds from various angles. There is a book and an app. You can also go to this page: blog.press.princeton.edu/2013/07/25/downloadable-warbler-guide-quick-finders/  and download the various views, including the undertail comparison.

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