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Zimbabwe - Black bird

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This is a black bird.  I have 2 different birds,  but I believe they are the same.   My guess is a Fork-tailed Drongo only because I can't find other black birds in Zimbabwe.

But I could be missing something.   I couldn't really get a nice shot of a red-eye so that is why I'm hesitant and need some ID help.  Thanks


Pictures 1 & 2 are on bird

Pictures 3-5 are the second bird.








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Let me preface this by saying that I am no expert, and am merely scrolling through my Birds of the World subscription to try and find matches. The first bird reminded me first of a drongo, but doesn't match either of the species present. For the first bird, I am going to go with Southern Black Flycatcher. The second bird seems like it could be the same species.

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Thanks for your efforts trying to find a match on this.   I went through all the bird pictures in ebird in the area,  and I just didn't have a good enough picture to tell.  Maybe a flycatcher,  it's been so long I can't tell if there was a water source near by.      At the time,  I didn't prepare myself enough in advance to try and see what I could be looking at.   But I'm just grateful I had the opportunity to goto a country not often visited.

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I don't really know Zim birds, but I've seen a lot of FTDRs. I'm not getting that vibe here. I agree with Trevor L. that the Southern Black Flycatcher is the best match, but would probably ultimately leave it unidentified.

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