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Hey all! So happy this forum is back up! Just in time, too, because I am taking a trip out west to the states listed above. However, I’ve never been out that far west, so I was wondering what some of the most common birds (especially those that aren’t particularly common in Missouri) are out in that area, and also where I can go to look for some of the more reclusive species. Any and all help is accepted.

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If you are going to Yellowstone go in from the eastern side of the Big Horns, I think they are much prettier than Yellowstone itself. Here's another. Also since you will be close the Little Big Horn Battlefield in Montana is close, interesting place, more of the Big Horns


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If you're looking for some of the western prairie birds, the Pawnee National Grassland is a good area for Burrowing Owl, Mountain Plover (both on Prairie-dog towns), Ferruginous and Swainson's Hawks, and Lark Buntings. There should be both Chestnut-collared and McCown's Longspurs, as well, but when I was out there last month I didn't have much luck with them. It's a ways north of I-76. For specific locations out there, I'd suggest checking e-bird, since my own experience is pretty much 20 years out of date.

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the four corners is where utah and arizona and new mexico and colorado all come together. there are all different kinds of conditions  from high mountains to red rock deserts and lakes and farms and  scenic areas  and  hundreds of species of birds.

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001 (15) (2).JPG

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