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I am having a difficult time id'ing this chick.  It seems that it is born dark and is turning lighter.  No adult anywhere around, but at least 2 or 3 chicks in nest.   If you look on left side of image, there appears to be a darker bird in frame. Taken on Hilton Head Island SC today.

Thanks for any help you can give.




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All of the Great Heron chicks I have seen are (almost) pure white - no dark feathers at all.  There is clearly a dark chick off to the right.  I also ruled out Great Blue Heron because of where the nest is located - very low to the water and deep in bush.  Great Blues nest high up and usually have huge nests.  This nest is tucked deep into the bush and sits just above the water line.  I am still undecided but maybe even thought a Cattle Egret.  They have those thick, short bills, but just don't know for sure.  Blue Herons also are born pure white and then morph into blue.  Thanks very much for your responses.


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7 hours ago, cruise791@aol.com said:

Does anyone agree with that?

My first thought was Green Heron although I have only seen them when they are a little older and the green is starting to show through, but the head looks right.

I love their colouring when they get a little older with the edging and spotting on their green/blue wings.

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