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Is this a Grackle?

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All I hear is static / background / carrier hum.

But let's try this from the other side.  For each of these links, click the 'Listen' button and see if any of them sound like what you're hearing.  Also, it would help if you would include your location.




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7 minutes ago, Melierax said:

I hear a duh-da duh-da duh-da duh-da towards the end of the video. Sounds like a Chickadee scolding (I think) but I don't know if that's what you're referring to. 

It finally came to me! The duh-da is a Ruby-crowned Kinglet. 

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2 minutes ago, The Bird Nuts said:

I don't think it sounds like a Ruby-crowned Kinglet - they make more of a "ch-cha ch-cha" sound.  They shouldn't be in Texas right now anyway (assuming this was heard recently).

Really? I'm pretty sure it's like a scolding call they do. I can't think of anything else it could be anyway. 

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