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Northern Waterthrush? (Sound only)

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Thanks Benjamin for your thoughts. I haven't reported this bird to ebird yet (and I'm glad I didn't). I'll wait for more folks to chime in.

I have another audio (from a different spot) which I'm more confident is a Northern Waterthrush. But I shouldn't be 🙂 So let me start another thread for that bird.


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22 minutes ago, The Bird Nuts said:

I take that back...I think this is also an American Goldfinch. :classic_wacko:  Indigo Buntings are sweeter.

Yeah, that's it, I don't know why that didn't come to me. American Goldfinches and Indigo Buntings trip me up in the field all the time just because they're so variable and can sound so similar to both each other and many other species.

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