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Identifying an Unknown Bird(?) Call

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I hope this is the right place to post. I only have audio files of a bird(?) call that I cannot identify. I'm not sure what animal is making this noise but I believe it is most likely some bird. I don't have much information other than I live in Southern California and the sounds last anywhere between a few seconds to half a minute at a time. The noise usually occurs anytime between 8pm to around 4am and can be heard up to 2 times a night.

One file is a longer but quieter recording of the noise while the other file is a shorter but louder recording of the noise. I have my suspicions that the calls come from an owl or large bird but I've never seen what it comes from. 

Long but Quiet.mp3 Short But Loud .mp3

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Sorry for the poor recordings but I never know when exactly the sounds occur at night so it's based on luck whether I'm fast enough to catch the noise. Also, I used my phone to record because it is the only means I have of recording, so I can't really get a louder/more decent recording. In person it sounds basically the same but noticeably louder and closer.

I also wish I had a better/louder recording but this is unfortunately what I'm stuck with. Do you have any ideas of what that noise could be?

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