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Red-tailed and Broad-winged hawk?

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These two hawks were flying together with a third one (did not get a picture of that one) this morning in Rochester, MN. Not quite sure what they were, but I guess a red-tailed and broad-winged hawk.

If my determination is correct, is it common that hawks from different species fly together?



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You got both species spot on, and it's not too unusual to see several hawks soaring together like this. It's mainly because raptors and some other species of birds (pelicans, storks, ibis, frigatebirds, etc.) use rising columns of air to gain significant height soaring while utilizing very little energy.

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If you want to see the ultimate in birds using thermals, the tropics is king (as it is for many things biological). I have seen thermals over the airstrip at Sirena Station, Corcovado N. P., Costa Rica, that hosted, at the same time:

Magnificent Frigatebird

King Vulture

Black Hawk-Eagle

Laughing Gull

Brown Pelican

Double-toothed Kite

Roadside Hawk

What a spectacular place!

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