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Feather Found from what Type of Bird?

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My neighbors and I have always tried to call owls at night around the bonfire without luck. We are near a lake and wonder if they just do not hang out in the area until I found this feather. Does it belong to an owl or maybe a hawk? Can anyone identify a bird by a feather  that was found? I was trying to use this site but there are too many possibilities.  We are located in Michigan. any help would be appreciated.🙂



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The shape of the feather (little or nothing of a notch, extensive emargination; see below link for definitions) makes it a middle primary, which then rules out all owl species. Owls essentially lack emarginations on their primaries, which is one of the owl adaptations for "silent" flight. Below, I have also linked to pages on the incredible US Fish & Wildlife Service's Feather Atlas site on Sharp-shinned Hawk, Cooper's Hawk, and Broad-winged Hawk. Finally, from the same site, the Great Horned Owl primaries.

Emargination and notch




Great Horned

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