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Bird one is might be a Brown Creeper, they make calls like that, its very similar in tone to the first note of their song, or maybe a young chickadee, some responded when I was listening to your call

Bird #2 is a Sparrow, probably a Song

The third bird sounds better for a robin than a Tanger, short with no real sharp notes in it

Bird #4 I'm not going to try to ID, fledgling calls are hard for me

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Thanks for the reply

I don’t think bird one is a Brown Creeper I’ve heard their songs and they don’t make that dadadoop (Bubbly sound? Idk) that I heard in the video. There were two young Mountain Chickadees around but I’ve never heard them make those noises either. 

Bird #2 does have a Song Sparrow in the middle of the video but I’m looking at the song from 2 seconds in and then again at 11 seconds. 

For bird #3 I can see it being a robin. I can never tell Robins, Vireos or Tanagers apart by voice!

Bird #4 I meant to say that there’s fledgling Ravens making noise over the bird that I think is a house wren. It sings at 2 seconds, 7 seconds, 13 seconds, and  17 seconds. 

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Any other ideas?

Still pretty convinced that Bird #4 is a House Wren, but can’t seem to match the songs of bird 1 & 2. I’ve gone through the eBird checklists around the area and listened to the songs but nothing seems to match up. 

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The main bird in the second recording sounds like an American Goldfinch to me.  In #3 you have an American Robin AND a vireo (not sure which).  House Wren is correct for #4.  I don't recognize the song in #1.

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Thanks for the reply!

I can’t really hear American Goldfinch in the second video? 
For #3 it goes Vireo, Robin, Vireo right? I’m assuming it must be a Red-eyed as I’ve only ever seen Red-eyed and Warbling here. 
#4 Ah good, I can add House wren as bird #102 to the location! I should know their song by now, as one lives in my yard and sings every 20 minutes! 😅 Just haven’t seen one there before.

Song one is puzzling me as well. Sounds like a mash up of 50 different things. Literally went through every reported bird species for BC on eBird, and still can’t find it. Closest I got was Lesser goldfinch + Bobolink + Warbling Vireo (Which doesn’t make Sense). Originally I thought it was a Catbird, but the two that have been hanging around there never made those noises. 

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