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Bald Eagle vs. Turkey Vulture vs ??raptor

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Hi, All.  In the past, I have seen all sorts of raptors (BE, Osprey, RTH...) perch in this lonesome pine in a large field.  From my perspective, this bird seemed the size for a BE, did not appear to have the small head of a vulture or Osprey, and I saw a a pale flash when he flew off.  Wings held predominantly flat, not dihedral, but seemed to have a the slightest upturn at tips.  Can anyone ID from this blurry silhouette?

raptor1 - Copy.jpg

raptor2 - Copy.jpg

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I suggest getting photos of any other large birds perching in that tree to provide perspective. Yes, the tree looks quite big, so the bird is large. Knowing the DBH (diameter of the trunk at breast height) would also help, as the trunk does not seem to narrow very much until at a height above the bird.

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1 hour ago, Benjamin said:

What was the bird's flight style? Did it seem to wobble from side to side? Was it steady and even with strong wingbeats? Was it buoyant and gliding? Quick choppy wingbeats or slow even ones?

It did not teeter like a Turkey Vulture.  Wings held mostly flat.  I did not see wing beats as the bird glided from the tree and disappeared quickly from my view.

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