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Birds are leucistic or not and leucism is often expressed incompletely due to a pile of things I don't know or understand. One of the things that I do understand is that, whatever the trigger is to produce white feathers, a leucistic bird cannot produce white feathers unless it's molting. Thus, molt strategies come into play in the extent and placement of white feathers. When one sees such a bird, it might have only a few white feathers, but it may be on its way to having all of its plumage white. We cannot know at one point in time the eventual appearance of such a bird. Thus, "partial leucism" is not a thing.

Benjamin is correct about bill and plumage pattern. House Sparrow is right out as an ID of the bird. I also agree with Benjamin about what the bird brings to mind, a munia, but the belly is not right for Scaly-breasted Munia (old name = Nutmeg Mannikin). I'd guess that it is referable to some sort of estrildid finch, quite a few of which are common cage species, but I don't know the group anywhere near well enough to hazard a guess as to species. Heck, even my guess at family might be wrong.

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