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Golden-crowned Kinglet.  My yard, Lexington County, central SC.  09 Dec 23.

This is only the second one I've seen in the yard.  The first, my lifer, was about six years ago.  Of course the bird moved faster than I could focus.  It would move, I'd find it, get the camera on it, click a desperation shot, attempt to focus, ... and it would be gone again.  I did get some great shots of recently vacated branches :classic_huh:


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Colorado November 2016 I got a Black-legged Kittiwake as a life bird. The first photo is of that bird. I never posted it on ebird or anywhere else because it such a horrible photo. Today I finally saw another one in Jacksonville, FL. and it was a very cooperative bird for photos.

024 (2).JPG


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