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10 hours ago, Seanbirds said:

Wow, you’ve been learning a lot about photography, I see. Keep it up!

Thanks! I’m getting the hang of it. The only setting that I haven’t figured out is aperture. I think my technique in general for photography will get better as I get more experience and better gear. 

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Kind of a photo lifer-I had photos from the first time we saw Florida Scrub Jays but some how the date and time was off in the camera so I didn't feel right sharing them with ebird. Yesterday I finally got another opportunity and was able to share a photo with ebird. Bring my total photographed species shared with ebird to 431.


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One up one down. I had seen & heard a Black-whiskered Vireo on a previous trip to south Florida but missed getting a photo. At the same time I got a this photo lifer I got a life bird Yellow-green Vireo but missed getting a photo. The Yellow-green is getting a lot of attention as it appears to have mated with the Black-whiskered Vireo and is currently sitting on eggs at a NP in Miami.



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White-crowned Pigeon again saw a couple fly over the road we were on with no place to pull over, last trip to south Florida. Got this one in the Everglades. Too bad the lighting was sooo gloomy.


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