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31 minutes ago, dragon49 said:

Eastern Screech Owl.  I'm now down to only 5 non-photo lifers:



Just a tip, with sensitive birds like owls, especially if you add photos that show the location of the bird, wait a month before adding the photos or adding the bird to the list. Some photographers don’t care at all about the birds well being and can be very dangerous for the birds. I know of one instance here in Orange County where there was 4 LEOWs roosting at a location, and the photographers threw rocks at the birds so their eyes would be open in the photo. Congrats on the bird though! 

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American Tree Sparrow... I saw one up in Humbolt county California two years ago but minutes after I saw the bird an earthquake hit us and I somehow lost the photos while we were scrambling around. Took me another two years to see another one. The photo isn't great but it provides ample documentation.


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