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Golden Eagle? - Portland, OR USA

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Saw this bird on February 26th flying over my backyard in southeast Portland, Oregon. Since it was a while ago, I don't remember much about the bird. I just remember thinking, "That's a weird looking bird" and snapping a quick picture of it. I'm pretty sure it was large and soared like an eagle, hawk, or vulture. Its wing shape seems very unique to me, which I hope helps make the ID easier since the photo is poor quality. I've posted this picture on other forums, and I've gotten a variety of answers, such as golden eagle, immature bald eagle, or immature gull of some kind. Hoping it's a golden eagle, but I find that unlikely. Can anybody help me identify this bird based off of wing/body shape and vague coloration?

DSC00152 (2).JPG

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They are seen around the area from time to time though I have yet to be so lucky 


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