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Two Flycatchers, A Sparrow and Unknown for ID help

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The first two are from yesterday, Johnny Behind the Rocks, which is a red canyon with juniper and sage a few miles SE of Lander, WY. There are Gray Flycatchers there, but these didn't strike me as Grays. They weren't calling either, so no help there. They are two different birds from two different spots along the trail, far enough apart to be not the same bird.






3. Sparrow is from July 6th, Little Firehole Road, south of Rock Springs, WY, also red canyon and juniper. A lot of Sagebrush and Brewer's Sparrow, occasional Vesper. I'm leaning toward Sagebrush because of the facial markings, but the striping on the chest gave me pause, so I wanted to get second opinions. It might still have it's spots, so to speak.



4. Bear River State Park in Evanston, WY, July 5th. You will probably have to turn it up. It was high up in the deciduous trees, and another was calling from across the stream. I'm not even 100% sure it's a bird. Every time I got within about 20 feet of the tree, it would stop making the sound, and the leaves and wind made it hard to even try to spot. It almost has the "fitz bew" of a flycatcher, but seems very loud for that. Almost jay like. It's not something I'm familiar with. If it's a squirrel, I'm sorry!

Thank you for the help!



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1. and 2. They look fine for Gray but differentiating from Dusky is extremely difficult. In the future, Grays are (I think) the only North American empids that dip their tails down.

3. Agreed with Sagebrush, looks like a hatch year bird.

4. The loudest call is a young robin's alarm call.

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