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Going through my list of bird songs recorded and again having no luck matching them up! I swear I try.

This one sounds distinctive (same song in each vid)  with the first two notes at the beginning, but again can’t seem to match it. 
Heard in Shuswap Lake BC, mix of mature forest,  farm, lakeshore, and second growth forest 

Hopefully I can figure out the rest of my recordings, if not I’ll see you back here!

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Any other ideas? I've gone through the list of bird sounds through Western Canada on the ebird app and the only similar one is a Vesper Sparrow, yet it sounds a bit too bubbly and is faster than what ebird says. Though a few recordings from people do seem to match up a little closer 

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Wow, yup I think that’s it. This will be the 3rd time that a Lazuli Bunting has got me mixed up.... Walking down the road there’s at least 8 males singing constantly and I thought I had their voices down, but checking some other recordings that does seem to be it. Thank you (again!)
Im tired of them! 😭

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