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Finch - Purple or House (Please say Purple) ha

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Sorry, both are House Finches.  Both have very curved culmens, the male's color is too red for a Purple Finch and the color doesn't reach the cheek and wingbar, and the female/immature has no white on the face, ruling out Purple.

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9 hours ago, Kevin said:

I can say it but it will not do any good.

Beat me to it.

@HAPPYL!FE, for comparison:



Basically, the Purples have color over more of their bodies.  House Finches are usually red (although they can vary through orange and into yellow!); Purples are always a color often described as 'raspberry'.  The facial markings on Purples are more distinct.  As @Liam noted, Purples don't get down your way this time of year, and they're not even reliable winter visitors. 

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