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Galapagos FInches

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This pandemic is giving me time to look over pictures I have taken on several trips.  I am having a hard time with ID's for some of the finches of the Galapagos, a trip we took in 2016.  The first picture was taken on the island of Espanola (maybe a green or grey warbler-finch?).  The second picture was on Floreana, the third on San Christobel, and the last on South Plaza.   It would be fitting for the last one to be a Cactus Finch given where it is perched, but I thought the male Cactus Finch had a dark beak (I assume this is a male with the black body).  I believe the female finches tend to be more brown with streaking.  Thanks for any help on these ID's!



San Christobel_MG_2747 - Copy_edited-1.jpg

south plaza_MG_3975_edited-2-jpg.jpg

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With the narrower bills and slightly less chunky bodies, the green and gray warbler finches seem like such outliers when you look at the other Galapagos finches.  I'm glad my speculation was right on this one--thanks for confirming it!

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