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2 photos taken in Texas

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16 minutes ago, Apersnom said:

Like this? (It is bad quality because I was not trying to take a photo of that one)


I ment where in Texas? South Texas is a pretty big area.

The cropped photo is helpful though.

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eBird sightings of Least Sandpipers in west Texas in April through July, last 10 years. Very uncommon but not unheard of.  The western hotspot has had sporadic sightings all year.



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40 minutes ago, Apersnom said:

The thing is... least sandpipers only live in my area in the winter (according to whatbird). Will they sometimes travel out of area?

Whatbirds range maps, aren’t the best, but something to note in field guides, if it says the birds only there in summer or winter, 95% of the bird will also be there during migration. Shorebird migration is always real early, so it will be marked as winter even though their migration starts in summer. 

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