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This little guy has really stumped me.  I would normally think it was a Palm Warbler due to the eyebrow and partial eye ring, but there's no yellow under his tail and the semi wing bar??  Then I thought Pine Warbler, but it looks like they have a complete eyering and no eyebrow, so that doesn't fit. I've gone through all my books, and I know I just must be missing it, like it's a female or juvenile (I hope - so I don't feel so bad about not being able to id him).  Thanks to everyone here, I love this forum/group 🙂

Seen November in Palm Beach County, FL


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Wow, thanks!!! I'm so relieved it's a female and doesn't look anything like the male, so I wasn't missing something obvious.  It's super cool though, I got the male black-throated blue warbler in April of this year, and was a lifer for me then.  But now I have to change this to a 2019 bird!!!  Black-throatedBlueWarbler4.jpg.e638717d8e6435e7dcf986a47292a278.jpg

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