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Hello, I am located in SE NY state (Long Island). This morning I found an unusual visitor in my birdbath. The past day of two I had been hearing the clucking of what sounded like heron like birds I have encountered in the past, but saw nothing. This bird lingered for quite a while giving me concerns about its health, but eventually flew away into the trees. It has been flying about the yard from tree to tree as if testing its wings.

I spent some time researching online and felt it may be a very young American Bittern, but then thought the beak coloration was wrong. I admit to limited knowledge, especially with juvenile birds.

Any help identifying this beautiful bird would be most appreciated.

Additionally, I live along a tidal marsh in southeastern NY and have seen Green Herons, American Bitterns (once) and Black Crowned herons in the area.

Thanks in advance for sharing your expertise.









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22 minutes ago, The Bird Nuts said:

That is a juvenile Green Heron!  Awesome bird to have at your birdbath!

Thanks so much for the quick reply! It is exciting to think they must be nesting nearby! Hoping to get more views. Have a great weekend!

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51 minutes ago, Bird Brain said:

Welcome to Whatbird, @Antnip 

That's a great bird to have at your birdbath!! Don't think I've ever heard of a Green Heron at a birdbath before. Great photos! 

He/she seemed to be having a great time splashing around. It even appeared to take a hunting position and stab at who knows what several times. The birdbath is close to the house as well so it was surprising to see what are usually elusive birds so close. I took the pictures through a window.


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