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I saw these ducks this morning in Chapel Hill, NC.  When I saw them I identified two ducks that were together as Mallards, but then the third duck appeared and joined them.  I thought the third duck was a Wood Duck, but wasn't 100% sure.  I took some photos and figured I'd be able to ID the third duck when I saw the photos.  I got a decent image of it, but I've been going back and forth on whether the third duck was another Mallard or a Wood Duck.  

The "third" duck is to the right


The "third" duck center in profile.


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I'm interested on others' in the other two ducks because I'm not entirely convinced that they're pure Mallards. With those wide white edges to the speculum they're clearly not pure American Black Duck or Mottled Duck, but I'm also seeing a completely dark tail with no hints of light on the edges, a classic indicator of non-Mallard species. Also, they seem a bit dark for female Mallard, no?

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Thanks!  Yes, the facial patterns on my "third" duck was very distinctive and the main reason that I thought it was a Wood Duck.  The other thing that surprised me is normally Wood Ducks don't stick around when they see me, but this one didn't seem to be bothered.

As far as the Mallards, I also thought they were a bit different, to the point where I checked those birds against any other species that may frequent this area.  I don't think any of the other photos I took would help as they are all from about the same view.  


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