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Birds of North America #2

Message added by Kevin,

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On 2/2/2022 at 1:33 PM, blackburnian said:

I’m not sure why the puffin didn’t work. I also have Thick-billed Murre but am having the same issue. 

puffin: https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/102750001

697. Thick-billed Murre 


Weird. One option is to re-download them from Macaulay and upload them directly to the forum.

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9 minutes ago, neilpa said:

Sweet! How high did the pre-crash version of this thread get? I'm pretty sure I saw it mentioned somewhere in this thread but can't find it now.

I think it was in the 750s but @chipperatl would probably know better. I wasn't that active on the forum before the crash.

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For comparison, the first big year to break 700 was in 1983, so the combined photographic life list of all our members is similar to a big year when information spread very slowly, if at all. I bet we can get up to the 725 mark in the next year or two, were still missing some really easy birds such as Black Storm Petrel (I've seen many of these but never photographed them).

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@Connor Cochrane, a new, or old post with a link to the current lists would be an ideal candidate for a "Recommended" post for this thread. The post with the list would always be at the top of every page making it easier for everyone to access. I suggest a new post for the simple fact that you could include extras like instructions on how the thread and lists work, etc. I'm sure @Kevin or @Aveschapines would tag the appropriate post as Recommended if you asked nicely. Just tossing out a thought I had. ?

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