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Does leucism change with age?

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In 2016, I encountered a leucistic Canada Goose. I saw it again in the same location in 2017.  This May, I again saw a leucistic Canada Goose in the same location but it appears (to me) to have more white around the head. It's difficult to image that I saw a second leucistic goose in the same place. Has the degree of leucism changed or is it my imagination? The first photo is from October 2016, the second from May 2017, and the last 2 from May 2020.





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Do different bird with this leucistic  coloring have different patterns?

the last two look like the same bird, at least the pattern of black on the head looks exactly the same pattern of black feathers.

the 1st and 2nd look similar as well pattern wise but from opposite sides and one is darker as well but could be lighting.

Edit: maybe the time of year would make the coloring  change? Do Canadian geese change color at all seasonally?


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The last 2 were taken a week apart in the same public park this past May. They certainly show the same bird. The previous shot was taken in the same park in May 3 years earlier. The 1st one was taken in the same park in October 7 months before that. I am confident that the first 2 show the same bird and the last 2 show the same bird. The question is whether this year's bird is the same one seen in 2016 and 2017. It looks whiter around the head to me so that is why I asked the question.

Canada Geese do molt every year but these don't look like molting birds to me. It or they were in the company of Canada Geese, all of which had normal plumage. In 2016 and 2017, the leucistic goose had a companion with normal plumage.

Here's another shot from October 2016.



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Johnd asked, "Do different bird with this leucistic  coloring have different patterns?"

Yes. If you do a search for "Leucistic Canada Geese," you will see a large variation in patterns including a white body with a normal head and neck.

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Yes i misread your original post on the dates the photos were taken, the  1st 2 and are the same bird.

But like you were originally asking if the colors may have faded with age. i think its probable it that same bird  and the amount of black is reduced,  you can  see it would be the quite close to the  same pattern if the black had faded. So we wait for some one else to post.






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