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The "Other" things you see when Birding

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Gopher Tortoise-these are suppose to be endangered but you could not prove it by me as I have seen a bunch. I think I saw my first four the first month we moved to Florida. Have seen a number of them since in various place in Florida including a few young ones. 




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11 hours ago, Birding Boy said:

Blanding’s Turtle!!! Lifer, endangered, and just an awesome looking turtle. My sister spotted her first, after a bit I realized she was digging a nest at the gravelly side of the road. Hope the nest makes it. https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/82376426




Tell your sister “good eye!” for me. ?

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7 minutes ago, PaulK said:

This fellow has been in the tree outside our window all day, with crows harrassing it continuously from about 4:30am until mid-afternoon. No idea what got their goat.


Coons are notorious for nest robbing, both for eggs and baby birds. The Crows probably recognized it as such and don't want it around their territory.

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Terrible photo due to distance but this was one of the only two times I saw a badger. The second time I had no chance for a photo. Old photo from Colorado Pawnee National Grasslands was looking for Mountain Plover.


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