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The "Other" things you see when Birding

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I was sitting on the bank of a river today when something frightened away the Louisiana Waterthrush I was watching.  I soon found out what scared it...

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5 hours ago, akandula said:

@Colton V, those are American Hornet Moths. They look a lot like hornets to protect themselves from predators... nice example of Batesian mimicry.

Interesting! I thought they might be mimicking because they didn’t look right to me, but I didn’t want to take any chances. Thanks!

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Earlier this week the night was unusually clear and calm with the stars extremely bright. I set up my camera and the 200-500 lens that I use for birding shots and just wondered if it would be possible to photograph the rings of Saturn if I stacked my 1.4x and 2x extender together.  It was not.  However to my surprise, I did get the moons of Jupiter to show up on the photo.













































































































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9 minutes ago, The Bird Nuts said:

Now that is a cool find!

There's a bird walk on the last Saturday of the month at Saluda Shoals Park (Columbia, SC).  There's a small pond that's maintained to teach kids about wetlands.  In March '19, somebody spotted the first case opening.  We found several more within fifty feet, some hatching, some not.  That was good because some were still around to open a few days later when a school group came through.

I don't normally shoot macro.  The little buggers may have been 1/4" long.

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