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16 hours ago, Aveschapines said:

And we aren't going to hash this out here, nor are we going to continue discuss how the site is designed. Anyone can feel free to write to the admin with any suggestions they may have at any time. 

As @Aveschapines, has already stated, no one was attacking anyone purposely, and it has quite politely asked that the discussion be dropped. It is very good advise, so just do what she said. 

Now I am not going to be one the forum for the next few days, and when I get back, I fully expect that everything here is going to be perfectly calm and polite. That none of you regular members will have caused any disruption, or caused Aveschapines to use any disciplinary measures, or have to make a comment as the moderator. 

Also I expect that this discussion, which I have just removed from public sight, will be completely forgotten, and any hard feelings forgiven. 

If all the above has not happened when I come back on, I am going to very annoyed. 

Do I make myself clear?

Thank you. 

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41 minutes ago, jayD said:


was trying to get a pic of a migrating harrier, and heard a noise...


I heard that more and more are not rattling when disturbed because people are killing the ones that do.  This is artificially selecting for the rattlers that don't rattle.  This is leading to an increase of unfortunate run-ins.  Not sure if this is still the case; I have seen a lot of signs about leaving the snakes alone and not killing them.

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