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The "Other" things you see when Birding

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I saw this feral cat while birding this morning. It walked past the side of the road, ditched the prey and continued to hunt, so I'm assuming this was mom bring her kittens breakfast. Does anybody know what she caught?





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In the prairie country and wheat fields of northern Montana today, there were thousands of these toads. The gravel road was hopping with them for five miles. I asked a local farmer, who has farmed here for forty years about them. He said that they (toads) only appear once every ten years. I have lived here most of my life and have never seen them before. If anyone has info on these toads, please share because it's a new one on me.




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A frog the size of a speck. The only reason I didn't write it off as a speck of debris is because I saw it move. Then saw it move again when a tiny ant approached it. I believe this is a Greenhouse Frog, not confirmed yet on iNat, not native to Florida. Apparently, this tiny frog goes through it's tadpole stage in the egg prior to hatching. Thee ggs are not laid in water but moist soil under wood or other objects. Found this little thing on our backyard patio.



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