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The "Other" things you see when Birding

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I had the camera and tripod ready for any birds that might be moving around, but the spiders have provided more entertainment than the birds over the past few days.

Carrying a fly off to eat.




Tying two flies together for easier transportation while a third fly hangs nearby.



Pulling itself and prey along a broken strand of web while leaving a new strand behind. 



Contrary to what I had always thought, spiders don't always wrap their prey up to eat later, sometimes they eat their meal right away.




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Today while photographing this rarity:


Incidentally photographed these migrants that were also in town this week:


The local wildlife didn't seem impressed with either:


The Redstart photo is actually from the previous day (different bird and location). The photos I got today weren't as good.

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Didn't get any pictures (this time!) but was just shocked to see five otters come down the little creek that runs through my apartment complex. Lived in the Dallas area most of my life and had never heard of anyone spotting otters. Until recently East Texas was the western edge of their southern range, but apparently they are expanding!


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Got a flock of lifer Red Crossbills come through camp, fall colors were fabulous, weather couldn't be improved unless you count the wind, and my 3 year old walked 7 miles in one afternoon.  Not bad for a quick overnight backpack trip in October. 




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