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The "Other" things you see when Birding

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17 hours ago, Charlie Spencer said:

If you'll agree to demonstrate, I'll pay your travel expenses.  Medical expenses are your problem.  I'm pretty sure the mods can change your username to 'Stumpy'.

Golfers and frat boys try that and worse.  Several gators a year are destroyed in the southeast just for trying to clean up the gene pool.

Can I borrow squirrel bane to run interference for me?

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11 hours ago, stitch58 said:

Saw this today but the other thing I saw I didn't want to post a picture of. About 30 yards away at the base of another tree there was a dead cat that had been partially eaten. Pretty sure the owl was responsible. Another reason to keep your pet cat inside 😮.


In the spring they sit on my house at night and talk back and forth.  I always warn the neighborhood.  One way or another GHO will feed their babies.  

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One of two of the largest cargo ship in the world owned by ONE. It has a cargo capacity of 24000 TEU. It has coming into Jacksonville for several months now but this is the first time I had an opportunity to photograph it. Seen from Huguenot Memorial Park on 1-30-24 as it traveled towards port up the St. Johns River.





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20 hours ago, Clip said:

Did you think it was an egg?

Lol no, though I was a tad surprised to see a golf ball there. No golf courses or driving ranges in the area as far as I can tell, though this was near some sports fields. Was looking for Rock Wrens (found one).

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Sorry no photo for this observation. I neglected to take any applicable photos when we recently visited this Florida State Park: https://www.floridastateparks.org/parks-and-trails/marjorie-kinnan-rawlings-historic-state-park

I just finished the book The Yearling by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings the story is set in Florida in the 1870s. It was written in 1939. At the State Park above you can view the home of Pulitzer Prize winning author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings.

I enjoyed the book though parts of it were very sickening to read from a modern perspective. The book is well written and captures the imagination. I have truly come away feeling spoiled after reading about the trials to survive living and being poor in the 1870s. I think I may have come away with a bit more of an appreciation for the simple pleasures in life. The book is fiction but is based on true stories of the time and the authors own experiences.

I'm glad I finally read this classic novel.  I would recommend this book to anyone. I need to go back to the Park and take some photos some time soon. 

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6 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

Are they on dry sand or under water? 

Under water, right at the base of a spring, they were only there in the first pool of water that the spring came up in. They clearly where unhappy with the camera flash, and they where gone as soon as it got light.

Just now, lonestranger said:

They have a centipede type look to them. Is the reflective coin for size comparison?  Nickle?  Dime?  Quarter?

Phone flash... It was just barely light enough to see.

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