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Stilt Sandpiper and Dowitcher from Forsythe NJ today

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Hi all,


Looking for some help with a few IDs. All taken this morning at Forsythe in NJ. 


1. Is this a Stilt Sandpiper with the Dowitchers? On the far left?

2. is this LB v SB Dowticher? On right

3. Photo is tagged as cave Swallows but these are actually Purple Martens, right?





Stilt Sandpiper 1.jpg

Long-billed Dowitcher 1.jpg

Cave Swallows 1.jpg

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Tough.. I like Short-billed for the first group, with those pale bellies and densely spotted underparts, but at least the frontmost bird in the second photo looks Long-billed to my eye. Strongly rufous belly, strong white crescent under eye, sparse barring below.

And yes, Purple Martins. Notice the notched tail.

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