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Bird near Baltimore, MD

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Yesterday I had two unusual visitors to my metro Atlanta home (Barred Owl and Cooper's Hawk), which got me excited.  Now my family is sending me pictures of whatever bird's they see and expecting me to identify them immediately... suffice to say I'm nowhere near experienced enough to figure most of them out.  Here's one my sister sent from her home in Baltimore, taken today.  The pictures aren't great, but these two give a good view of the head shape, beak, and wing shape.  Hopefully somebody much better at this can help me out.  What bird is this?



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Wow that was quick.  Looking at some pictures I would say you're right.  That is the most heavy metal name for a bird ever, and even if we're mistaken, I'm sticking with it just for the incredible name.  I imagine its call sounds like an awesome guitar solo.  Thanks for your help.

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