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Shorebirds in SW New Hampshire

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I  am not a coastal dweller, so shorebirds are always a challenge to me.  I got these pics today on the CT river dividing VT and NH in the souther part of these states.  There had been a sighting by a few good birders of a Baird's Sandpiper, which is what drew me to the location.  I think the first few pics might actually be this bird.  Dark drooping bill, dark legs and slightly smaller that the Killdeer seem to point towards this ID.  I am still so uncertain with shorebirds that I could use help.  There had also been report of one Pectoral Sandpiper there as well.  The second set of pics might be the same bird, but I am not sure.  Taken a bit later after walking a ways and coming back.  This location is actually a waste water treatment facility, and if I approached too close, the birds would fly off to the opposite shore, so I can't say this is the same bird.  The last bird I only heard and saw in flight.  Sounded like a Yellowlegs.  From the length of the bill in the highly cropped pics, I think I would go with Greater Yellowlegs.  Thanks so much for any help.



The bird behind the Killdeer is the bird I think might be a Baird's Sandpiper



I think this might also be the Baird's, but not sure.  Taken a bit later in a different location and I did not follow the original bird.



Highly cropped photos of a Yellowlegs.  I'm thinking Greater.

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1) Looks like a bright juvenile Semipalmated to me. Looks rather "compact" overall I'm not seeing a really long-winged appearance

2) This is a Least. Note compact-ish shape/ structure, more reddish brown coloring, and slightly downcurved bill.

3) I'm leaning Greater as well

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Thanks akiley.  I looked at some more photos of Baird's, including photos of the one seen a few days ago in the same spot and have to agree with you.  Wings of this bird just do not seem long enough.  I'm going with your suggestion of Semi-palmated.  I did see a lot of Least there, this bird just seemed a little larger in the photos and had me confused.  Thanks again for your help.

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