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Is this a Lesser Yellowlegs?

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Saw this guy by himself on a power line in NW Missouri this afternoon.  This was along a rural farm road--no nearby bodies of water, that I know of.  I haven't seen any shorebirds in a couple of months.  And I've NEVER seen any kind of shorebird sit on a powerline before.  Weird.  My closest guess is a Lesser Yellowlegs.  Sorry--side, back, and underneath were the only angles I could get on this guy.




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1 hour ago, Tony Leukering said:

Note the color and pattern on the tail, which is quite different from both yellowlegs sp., as is the bill color.

Also the length of the tail.  In books, at least, yellowlegs spp. have the wings longer than the tail.  (I don't get to see a lot of yellowlegs around here.)

My old Peterson guide says Upland Sandpiper (then called Upland Plover) has a "shoe-button eye".  I actually remember my grandmother wearing shoes with buttons, but I failed to observe them closely enough to see why they especially resemble Upland Sandpipers' eyes, as seen clearly in these spectacular pictures.

Did you get to hear its weird and wonderful call?

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