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Hello, I saw these couple weeks ago in a cloudy/misty meadow in Albany, NY area.  Breeding range Juveniles(?) aren't in my wheelhouse so I wanted to bounce these off the board:

(sorry for the focus)

Shots #1 & #2 I put in as Eastern Phoebe due to all-dark bill, face, no eye-ring.    However after later reading, can not also juvenile Eastern Wood Pewees show cinnamon wing-bars and *can* have all dark bills? I didn't pick up any obvious tail pumping...pretty smudgy breast , and i did hear Pewee song on-site, FWIW.  Think these are good for Phoebe?


Shots #3-5 I think I am content to leave as a Traill's flycatcher (?)- but if anyone feels strongly about I'd be interested to hear.  No voice was observed, but this environment wasn't the typical reedy type marsh where I usually find my Willows.


Thank you-







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The first bird seems to be Eastern Phoebe, but I'm a west coast birder, so I'm not 100% certain.

The second bird looks like a Traill's. Both species breed there, so alder is a possibility. I'm not the person that can help you lean one way or the other on which species it might pertain to though.


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