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Charlotte, NC bird song

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I agree on both. I've heard that the sound that the AMGO is making is a fledgling call.

2 hours ago, The Bird Nuts said:

The repetitive call throughout the video is an American Goldfinch.

3 hours ago, HamRHead said:

The two "smacks" near the end sound like a Northern Cardinal.


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Thanks guys!  I saw the goldfinches in the garden and looked up their song which didn't sound like this.  Just looked up a fledging goldfinch and it's an exact match. 🙂  They must have gone into the garden to eat (they attack my zinnias and ignore the nyjer feeder) and left the little one in the trees right behind begging for food.

i noticed the cardinal chirps after I uploaded.  He was probably waiting for me to get out of the way so he could get to the window feeder.

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