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I saw these birds at a wildlife refuge in Ocean County New Jersey last week. I know these are dowitchers, and I think these are all short-billed dowitchers. But if there is a long-billed dowitcher in the mix, or anything else...I would greatly appreciate anyone telling me how they ID'd it... The bird in the foreground of the first pic was the one I thought most likely to be a long-billed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.





IMG_2286 (2).JPG

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The one most likely to be a Long-billed is the middle bird in the first photo, as it has more extensively orange underparts. However, all are Short-billed and all -- or virtually all, perhaps -- are adults of the eastern subspecies, nominate griseus. Adult Long-billeds are virtually entirely orange below:


While some Long-billeds will have begun their prebasic molt by now, most should still be mostly in alternate plumage. Also beware that the central-continent subspecies of Short-billed (hendersoni) is a not-rare migrant on the east coast, particularly in fall. It looks much more Long-billed-like than do the other two subspecies (eastern griseus and western caurinus).

For those that care to get into minutiae of dowitcher ID: http://www.surfbirds.com/ID Articles/dowitchers1005/dowitchers.html

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