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The routine gulls in coastal SC are ring-billed and laughing.  I saw these 2 birds today and they confuse me.  Is a time of year or molt phase thing?  The first 2 pics, the bird was much larger than one of our routine gulls.  Is it a greater black-backed?  And the other two pics, looks like molting going on but the mostly black feathers just seemed weird.  Any help would be much appreciated!  Sorry for the lousy focus, they were a good distance from me





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2 minutes ago, Connor Cochrane said:

What about Herring for the gull. Seems to dark for a Greater-blacked Back, but I have almost no experience with those. 

For the black tern, around this time last year, people were reporting up to 40 of them at Hunting Island.

Wow, had no idea. I live on the island and this would be a "lifer" for me 😄 I must not have been looking in the right places 

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Juvenile Herring Gull and adult Black Tern.

Juvenile Great [no "er"] Black-backed is a much paler bird. Juvenile Lesser ["er" present] Black-backed would be exceedingly unlikely in August in the New World for, except for one individual that is paired with a Herring Gull in Maine, there are no known breeding LessBacks in the New World.

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