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Quail ID confirmation

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I was in southeast Idaho yesterday and my extended family was telling me they had a young pheasant that was coming into the back yard which they thought was unusual.  Then as we were visiting it showed up on the top of the house.  I apologize for the bad picture because I only had my phone.  I am thinking this is more quail than pheasant and with the feathers on top of the head am favoring a Bobwhite quail over a California quail.  It matches very well to the Bobwhite Quail that I raised a few years ago.  I am sure it is an escapee as we don't have a lot of native Bobwhite in Idaho


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I have yet to find out what the deal is with Bobwhites here. They can be reported on eBird, and most range maps show a population north of Boise. I'm pretty sure most of them are escapees but I guess there's a wild population somewhere. I agree with Bobwhite.

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