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Mystery bird call and (bad) photo

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Heard this bird calling from from the top of some high trees along the lakeshore. I zoomed into my camera to what I thought was the bird making the call and only got this one award winning photograph before it moved to another tree out of sight. 
Originally, I was thinking’s this bird was a Western Tanager, but the song didn’t sound bubbly enough. I was then thinking maybe a variation of a Black-headed Grosbeak, but it still sounds off. 
Looking at the photo, I’m pretty sure it’s neither of those. It almost looks like it has a yellowish throat and a long tail. For size comparison the other birds are Siskins so it looks like it’s fairly small.
Unless the bird in the photo isn’t the bird calling at all! I’m not 100% sure that it is. Though it doesn’t appear to be a Siskin.
It called like this for about 30 minutes. And I am once again stumped on what it could be. Heard the same bird this morning coming from deep in the woods.

Anyone able to ID the sound, with or without the picture? Seen in BC

Townsends Solitaire has crossed my mind, but that is more wishful thinking.



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The audio sounds a lot like a solitaire. I hear them a lot when I’m in the mountains, but there could be something else I’m mixing it up with. The photographed bird does not look like a solitaire as it has a finch like bill. I’m guessing your talking about the monotone tooting for the call in question. 

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Yes it’s the call in the background.

I’m hoping it is a Solitaire! I’ve seen a few around, but never heard them make any noise. And would love to add one to this particular hotspot (it’s my child). 

Im starting to doubt that the picture is of anything of relevance anymore. There’s absolutely nothing here that I’ve found that would resemble that appearance and size and make a call similar to the recording. I’m starting to think it might just be a house finch 

Hoping I can see it or at least hear it again when it’s not a couple hundred feet away. 

Thanks again! 

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