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Veery or Swainson's thrush russet-backed

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Seen today, late morning, on Selkirk Trail in Castlegar (southeastern) BC. Three birds together mid-canopy trees. Only one crappy picture (looking towards sun and into trees) but alerted by sound like a faucet dripping (should be Swainson's) but then followed by an almost woodpecker-like call (could be the veyeer sound described for the veery). The bird was reddish head, back and wing feathers, thin beak, white eye ring, not very distinct spots on chest, and light below.  No tail waging. Does it help to distinguish between them that there were three together? I have only seen solitary Swainson's. Was hoping to see veery as it would be a first for me but both birds have been seen in the area.

Thanks in advance.

DSCN3697 maybe Veery.JPG

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